Here are all my favorite books, videos, podcasts, and ALL THE THINGS!!! I hope you really enjoy all the things on here! It will be updated monthly so check it whenever you can! I will keep this up, because I know how important a good resource list is. 😉

All my links 😉

Fave Blogs!

Immeasurably More Blog – This girl is such a blessing! Def go check it out!!!

Girl Defined – This ministry is so amazing! They really give a true view of Biblical femininity!

Lexi Fay Writes – This gal is another chronic illness warrior & I LOVE her book recommendations!

Fave Books!

“Bible Doctrine” by Wayne Grudem – Literally anything you would want to know about the Christian faith is in here! It’s a must-have!

“Reading People” by Anne Bogel – I learned so much about myself through this book!!! One of the best books I have ever read!

“Live Fearless” by Sadie Robertson – One of the books that has changed me the most! If you have ever struggled with anxiety, get it!!!

“Be Loved” by Emma Mae Jenkins – I love this book! It’s so bright and cheery with many great truths! Women of all ages should read this!

Fave Sermons, Podcasts, and Videos!

Louie Giglio @ Passion 2020 – One of the best talks I have ever listened to. Changed my life ❤️

Sadie Robertson “Running with God” – If you deal with fear and anxiety, this sermon is for YOU!

Christine Caine @ Passion 2020 – If you need something to listen to get a FIRE in you this gal is for YOU!

Bible Resources!

Enduring Word Commentary – This is my FAVORITE commentary of all time!

My Devotional Bible! – This is the Bible that I use for my personal devotions. It is the most amazing Bible!

Blue Letter Bible – This is an amazing site (and app!) that helps you learn the Bible! One of my fave resources

My Gel Bible Highlighters – I use these for my devotional Bible. I use a color-code with them too!

My ESV Bible! – Wow, this is such a wonderful Bible! I can’t tell if it’s still being made, but I love it!

Exercise Resources!

POPSUGAR 10 Minute Red Carpet Dance Workout – Such a fun workout that gets your heart rate up!

POPSUGAR 30 Minute Core HIIT Dance Workout – One of my favorite workouts ever!

Down Dog Yoga App – one of my favorite exercise apps ever, and definitely my favorite yoga app!

POPSUGAR 30 Minute Cardio Kickboxing Workout – Man, this workout is GREAT!