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My Favorite Ways to Use Essential Oils!

It’s winter, and that great because it’s Christmas season! πŸŽ„πŸ™ŒπŸΌ But it also means colds are all around and maybe getting sick. 😩 I have been working on staying healthy and keeping up with my body, and one of my favorite things to do is use essential oils! So in this post I want to let y’all know some of my favorite uses for my favorite oils!

How I Use Essential Oils

I like to put Lavender and Peppermint in a spray bottle with water and spray it on the bottom of my feet. It helps SO many parts of my body. It really helps the swelling on my feet and hands. I also use it on my stomach whenever I get a stomach ache.

Marjoram is my favorite essential oil to put in a bath with epsom salt! It loosens and relaxes my muscles, plus helps my anxiety a LOT. Again, I like to have it in a roller bottle if I have a super tight muscle or spot.

Cedarwood is an oil that I LOVE to use to help my sensory. After a long day, I start getting pretty overwhelmed by the lights and sounds and noises. If I put this on my wrists when I start getting overwhelmed, I start to calm down. I love it and it smells AMAZING!

I also sometimes use Stress Away, a blend of oils from Young Living, on my wrists. It’s a blend of oils which includes Lavender and Cedarwood. It is really amazing!

Citrus Bliss is another oil blend that I love. It has different citrus oils, obviously. It boots my mood and lessens my anxiety and depression.

Last, but probably one of the most important oils, is a blend called OnGuard. This blend helps your health stay strong and is an antibacterial oil. I love to diffuse it in the morning, when I don’t feel the greatest.

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I also LOVE to put essential oils in roller bottles and put them on my wrists. This picture is of a Cedarwood roller bottle!

I love to learn about and use more oils, and see how much they help me! My ABSOLUTE favorite way to use oils is to diffuse them. We have a DoTerra Petal Diffuser, and also got a diffuser from Amazon that is super cute and works really well. I’ll link both of them them down below!

I hope you enjoyed this lil’ overview of my favorite oils! I love to try and use oils in EVERY part of my life! Comment down below your favorite oils and how you use them most!

UPDATE: At the time I wrote this, we were mostly using Doterra Essential Oils. Now, we have switched to Young Living! Want to know why? Check this post out!


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